2.5February 2015
  • List overview of all employees (per day, month, week, year)
  • -> Export this to a csv-table
  • Symboles for the attendance, vacation of an employee
  • You can set an hourly wage for attendance
  • The employee can insert its total attendance with one click to its work time
  • CSV-table export of a monthly table of the work/attendance of all employees
  • Send admin/boss mails to all employees
2.4December 2014
  • Overview over hours/cost pro employee, project, etc.
  • -> Show per time interval (day, week, month, ...)
  • -> Export to file (table format *.csv)
  • Coloured scale for project time and budget
2.331th Aug 2013
  • Project controlling
  • Buy items and materials
2.219th Jul 2013
  • Statistics
  • Show attendances
2.17th Jul 2013
  • Completely renewed
1.17th Nov 2010
  • Simplified software
  • First release