How do I use a new version of Litchie?

Copy the new version of Litchie into the same folder, where the old version of Litchie exists. Start the new version of Litchie there. Litchie will find all saved packets, which exist in the folder "daten".

Are my packets portable to another computer?

Yes. Just look for your packet (".pak"-file) in the folder "daten" and transfer it to the other computer. Insert the file into the folder "daten" on the other computer. Start Litchie there. Litchie looks for ".pak"-files in the folder "daten" and loads all packets automatically.

What should I be aware of else?

Problems with the links on the websites

Set the fontsize for the different kinds of links ("Link", "Hover", "Visited") at "Packet" > "Settings" and use the blue arrows to copy the font settings.