• - changes -
  • - changes -
  • - changes -
  • Round Robin optimized
  • New kinds of Buchholz rating calculation
  • New tie-breaker table sortation (from the card game "Magic")
  • One match can contain several results: For example 3-2-1 means 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Points can be gained depending on these values.
  • Strike-dependant ELO calculation
  • Counter added for single matches
  • Chart actualization with F5
  • Many changes
  • Tournament time calculator and clock
  • Adjustable size of match overview
  • Creation of historic table to compare teams; export as HTML possible
  • Website headline and comment
  • New menue design
  • Website matches may be colored
  • Forecast and series statistics
  • Knock-Out schedule computation + website exportation
  • Bugfix: Table sortation tendency - if tendency is equal, strikes decide
  • Bugfix: Schedule calculation for swiss system
  • Takeback of schedule (delete all matches which are not yet played)
  • Bugfix: Table sortation Buchholz and Tendency was exchangend
  • Easy 1-click match submission for chess tournaments
  • Initial ELO and points may be set for each season; the initial ELO may be chosen as the final ELO of the last season
  • Printsite for the table can be calculated for a special matchday
  • More league and team statistics: Show all matches
  • Meta victory: For example in a league with 3-points per win one could set that the winner in a meta win (which was decided by penalty or something else) delivers 1 point to its opponent.
  • More possibilities for the use of values (table sortation, value calculation, show values on the website)
  • More team statistics
  • Double and manifold matchday computation for Round Robin (for example: one team is organizer and welcomes 2 other team where everyone plays two matches) for a whole season
  • The home venue of a team can be added to its past matches and used for further matching computations
  • Creation of websites for the matches of each single team; direct link from the table is possible
  • Home venue and grammalogue for each team
  • Link color is adjustable
  • Upload directory for FTP-upload is adjustable
  • Advanced league statistics
  • Random match computation
  • Compression of packets (".pak"-files in the folder "daten")
    Important: Packets which were saved with Litchie 1.11 or newer cannot be loaded with older versions of Litchie, because they do not support the new compression method. This may generate errors.
  • One extra value per team per match additional to its strikes/goals/etc... .
  • Improved handling for match submission
  • Create crossing table as .htm-document and link from the table
  • Advanced team statistics
  • New table sortations
  • Explanations for "ELO", "Swiss System", etc...
  • Random schedule computation
  • Statistical evaluation
1.01 to 1.09
  • Schedule computation for "Round Robin" and "Swiss System"
  • Print
  • Summation of all seasons of one league
  • Venues
  • Simplified team- and match-insertion
  • First one