Chessy v1.11 (Freeware)

Chessy is a Bughouse Chess Software
  • Play online with up to 256 players at once
  • KI Chess Engine
  • Adjustable teams and time
  • Languages English and German
Many different modes and variation possibilities, for example
  • Bughouse with serveral Options (Pawn promotion? Where to pass pieces? Checkmate by placing a piece?)
  • Four players at one board (Quad)
  • Roleplay chess (Pieces get life, attack and defence)
  • Darkchess (Only accessible squares are visible)
  • Turquoisechess (No check, no mate)
  • Atomic chess (Pieces explode when capturing)
  • Cylindric Chess (Left and right border are connected)
  • Shuffle Chess (Pieces are placed randomly on the baseline)
  • Adjustable size of board
  • Optional if pieces will promote if the capture
  • You can modify the pieces range
Serveral aids in game
  • Show all possible moves, when you click on a piece
  • Mark last move
  • Sound and chess announcement
Download Chessy now for free (941 KB)

Wikipedia: What ist bughouse chess?